Alta Bridal Session

July 12, 2023

Sidney and RJ held their wedding in Florida, but decided to do a special Alta Bridal Session because they call Utah home and love the Wasatch Mountains. Our adventure began with a hike to  Cecret Lake and through the vibrant Albion Basin. The lush July greenery and the stunning views over Little Cottonwood Canyon made for an unforgettable backdrop.


Capturing Moments in Nature’s Embrace

Our journey took us through the Albion Basin’s stunning meadows, with wildflowers to the serene creeks that added a magical touch to Sidney and RJ’s photos. The setting sun behind Devil’s Castle, casting a beautiful alpenglow, provided a perfect, radiant finish to our day.


A Celebration of Love and Adventure in an Alta Bridal Session

Sidney and RJ’s session was more than a bridal shoot; it was a celebration of their journey together, marked by laughter and tender moments against the majestic backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains. From casual strolls along gravel paths to intimate moments on rocky outcroppings, every image captured the essence of their adventurous spirits.


Embracing the Wilderness

Dressed in their wedding best, Sidney in her stunning lace gown paired with colorful sneakers, and RJ in a chic blue suit, they explored the rugged beauty of Alta with joy and excitement. Their love and happiness were evident in every step they took, from the snow patches of Alta Ski Resort to the sunset-lit peaks of the mountains.



Sidney and RJ’s Alta bridal session was a testament to their love of each other and Utah’s wilderness. Their willingness to venture back into their wedding attire and into the mountains brought to life a series of moments that they, and I, will treasure forever.


Let’s Create Your Adventure

Inspired by Sidney and RJ’s breathtaking session? Whether it’s atop a mountain or along the serene trails of your favorite park, let’s capture the essence of your love story in a setting that speaks to you. Reach out to plan your bridal session, and let’s create memories that reflect your unique journey together.




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