Arches National Park Elopement

October 8, 2017

Could there be a more iconic location for a destination elopement in Utah than Delicate Arch in Arches National Park? Wow, just wow.

Kimberly had a dream (a literal sleeping type of dream), where she was married in the, “red happy hiker land.” And so it came to be, she and Bob travelled to our wonderful state from Michigan to elope with a handful of friends.

I love hiking and getting dirty with couples in the national parks, but Kimberly outdid herself by walking down the aisle—all 1.5 miles of dirt—in her wedding dress to meet Bob and her family at the base of the Delicate Arch. That day, Kimberly probably came a close second in subjects of photos taken on that hike right behind the arch itself.

After the intimate elopement, we hiked back in the dark, ate some snacks, then captured some epic night sky portraits at the Windows. It was amazing, as you might imagine.

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