August Wedding at Alta Lodge

August 21, 2021

Danielle and Jason’s August wedding at Alta Lodge was truly a reflection of their love story. The couple had spent countless days skiing at Alta and Snowbird, and it was only fitting that they got engaged at Alta on a beautiful spring day. The couple knew the Alta Lodge would be the perfect wedding venue, surrounded by stunning mountain views. Despite a bit of rain, the storm only made the atmosphere more romantic and intimate, creating beautiful moments captured in their photos.



Ceremony/Reception Location: Alta Lodge
Planner: Self, with day-of coordinator Molly Austin from Alta Lodge
Videographer: Scarlet Oak Studio
Flower Designer: Rose and Thyme Floral
Hair Stylist: Austyn Heinlein (family)
Makeup Artist: Whitney Stringam
Officiant: Brad Gaultney (family)
Music/Entertainment: DJ Braxton 
Caterer/Rentals: Alta Lodge
Cake/Desserts: Crumbl and Krispy Kreme
Invitations/Paper/Calligraphy: Zola
Bride’s Dress Shop and Designer: Grace Loves Lace
Groom’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Additional Attire: Rings- Shane Co, Veil and Jewelry- Grace Loves Lace, Boots- Tecovas, Heels- Birkenstock


We asked the couple to share some of their memories from their beautiful wedding day. 


Why did you decide to get married at Alta Lodge?

Our relationship blossomed up the Little Cottonwood Canyon. We both spent years skiing at Alta and Snowbird, so independently and together, the LCC was one of our favorite places. It was only fitting that we got engaged at Alta. On a beautiful, May spring day, we toured up the Collins lift, and Jason popped the question. 

Once we discovered the Alta Lodge as a wedding venue, we knew it was perfect. Gazing upon the place we got engaged while being surrounded by the most beautiful views, we knew it was the perfect place to start the rest of our lives together.


What was your favorite moment of your August Wedding at Alta Lodge?

Of all the great moments of our wedding weekend, the ceremony was the most perfect. There was an insane moment while the Maid of Honor was singing To the Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron; two hawks “kaw’d” and it felt so surreal being in a beautiful outdoor setting, engulfed in nature, all while surrounded by the people we loved the most. It was the perfect moment. 


Describe the overall mood or theme (ex: classic, color palette, modern, boho)

We told Austen from the get-go that our theme was going to be Texas, boho, and rad. We didn’t entirely know what that meant ourselves, but essentially it implied that anything would go. From boho decor to Texas A&M-mid-reception rituals, to feather boa props and Party Shirts on the dance floor…we felt like we represented our theme well. 


What were the highlights of your ceremony?

Taking a moment to look at the people sitting in front of us… seeing all those who traveled so far to support us was an experience that is indescribable. We also tried to walk back down the aisle after the kiss because we forgot we still had to be declared “Mr. & Mrs.”


What were the highlights of your reception?

The first dance had some semi-planned dance moves and the moment we stepped on the dance floor, the plan went out the window. We laughed it off and had a moment to just be ourselves. Following that was the party, where we had a prop/costume box and everyone let loose. We particularly loved seeing our parents and grandparents in boas, cowboy hats, and shutter shades. 


Were any ethnic, religious, cultural, or family traditions included in your day?

Our ceremony was Christian-based. We did communion while Danielle’s sister and cousin sang a song. This was a special moment to remind us what our marriage was founded on. Regarding cultural traditions, mid-reception all the fightin’ Texas Aggies did the Aggie War Hymn… if you know you know.


Any planning or wedding-day advice for future couples?

During each event, take a moment to look around and soak it all in. The day truly goes by so fast. Don’t get caught up in the details, and remember why you are there. Inevitably, something won’t go according to plan; come to terms with that now so that on your wedding day you can shrug it off and move on. 


How was the overall experience of your planning? Also, the highs and lows?

Planning in itself had its highs and lows. You’ll always have the naysayers, but you just have to remember that it’s your day and it’s what you two want that matters. The highs are seeing your vision come together and getting to collaborate with your future spouse, family, and friends. 

Andrew: We were blessed to have a very strong and knowledgeable team that we kind of assembled over the years. This is probably true for any couple that planned a wedding during covid, but the lows of the planning process were probably working within the restrictions that we had in the state of Utah. 

So, putting our wedding off for a year because of the number of people that were allowed in the venue- was a little tricky, but not worth moving our venue or changing what we wanted. We just changed the date and when we were finally able to have the wedding, it ended up being perfect.


Read their 5-star Wedding Photography Review:

“Austen was amazing! He was so easygoing and enjoyable to work with. He was quick with communication and was willing to work with us on details to make our day perfect. He is an extremely talented photographer and worth every penny. When I saw our photos I almost couldn’t believe it was us because they looked like they belonged in a magazine!” –Danielle Heinlein



Danielle and Jason’s August wedding was a truly unique and personal reflection of their love story. The couple’s deep connection to the location of Alta, Utah where they got engaged and spent countless days together made the Alta Lodge the perfect venue to begin their journey together. Their “Texas, boho, and rad” theme perfectly captured their personalities, which was represented in everything from the decor to the Texas A&M rituals. From a surreal ceremony surrounded by nature to the relaxed reception with a prop/costume box, their wedding was filled with unforgettable moments. Even though there were a few bumps in the planning process, the outcome was exactly the intimate, romantic, and beautiful wedding that they wanted. Their favorite photo, with the rolling clouds up the canyon, is a perfect reminder that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but they can still turn out perfectly.



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