High West Distillery Wedding

August 29, 2021

Amanda and Andrew’s wedding at the High West Distillery in Park City, Utah, perfectly captured their love for adventure and the outdoors. With their unique setting and modern mountain aesthetic, the couple’s celebration was a perfect reflection of their personalities and style. From the breathtaking night-sky shoot to the gorgeous natural colors and dried grasses, every detail of their ceremony and reception showcased the essence of the couple. The combination of every individual and intricate detail came together to create a timeless homage to their unforgettable day.


Ceremony/Reception Location: High West Distillery
Planner: Harvest Moon Events 
Flower Designer: Blooms and Co. 
HMUA: Eryn Haws 
Officiant: Dean Jackson
Music/Entertainment: Kidd Spin, DJ
Caterer: High West Distillery
Cake/Desserts: Flour and Flourish
Bride’s Dress Shop: The Perfect Dress
Dress Designer: Sottero and Midgley
Groom’s Suit: Jos A Banks
Jewelry: Shane Company
Her Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Ties: OTAA
His Shoes: Aldo


We asked the couple to share some of their memories from their beautiful wedding day. 


Why did you decide to get married at High West Distillery?

We chose our venue because of our love of the outdoors and the fact that it felt like a getaway without going too far. We like the mountain vibe, but we didn’t want it to feel country and we still wanted something kind of upscale. We wanted something unique- something that hasn’t been overdone, and we didn’t want a really common venue. 

We love the mountains and we love the outdoors (and whiskey!) and we just happened to find the High West Distillery before it got super popular. We were already big fans of their suppers and brunches and so all of these early memories with the brand made that venue The One. 


What was your favorite moment of your High West Distillery wedding?

Andrew: Okay, so one of my favorite moments was the night sky shoot that we did. We already knew that at High West the light pollution is minimal and that would probably get to see some stars. But then Austen was like, okay let’s go outside for this shoot and it was just like, kind of impromptu. 

We knew we wanted golden hour pictures but we didn’t really talk about night sky pictures and so this was kind of like a “Hey, I want to try this thing out if you guys are down”. And that’s part of our adventurous spirit- we’re always down for crazy, cool things. So we trusted Austen and it became my favorite moment.

Amanda: Yeah I agree, I think that was one of my favorite parts of the night too. We were able to take a breath away from everybody else and just be together.  The party was still going hard, but with this night-sky photo op, it created an opportunity for us to check in with each other- which I think can often be missed in the craziness of a wedding day. 

Andrew: A lot of the good stuff came from just trusting our vendor team right? Trusting Austen. We’re super flexible and we’re super easy going so when somebody had a vision or an idea for something that’s going to be really cool, we were down for it. 


Describe the overall mood or theme (ex: classic, color palette, modern, boho)

Andrew: We were looking for something to showcase our love of adventure. Something mountainous without being too country-western. We didn’t want it to be something that you see all of the time – we wanted it to be unique. 

Amanda: We went for the natural colors and elements you see in nature. We used a lot of dried grasses and used rust and greens in our color scheme just to kind of mimic some of the natural beauty you see in the mountains. What we were going for was a Modern Mountain look; we still wanted to be sexy and classy, but have mountain vibes at the same time. 


What were the highlights of your ceremony?

Andrew: We worked really hard with the venue and with Austen to make sure we timed everything correctly. So, like, we knew the angle of where the sun was setting, what time the sun was setting, how the weather was going to be,  where our procession was going to be, all so that we could have some really great photos and it would be a great experience for our guests, and so the sun would be in their eyes, and the sun wouldn’t be in our eyes, and, like, the colors would be really great for our photos, and all the other structural elements looked their best in the best possible lighting so that was a cool part of the ceremony. So I think that was a big highlight for me,  getting the perfect settings. And just seeing you walk down the aisle was pretty cool too. 

Amanda: My favorite part was just watching you. I don’t remember everything that was said because I was just so nervous, but I was holding it together pretty well until I saw your lip trembling and I just started, like, I just started crying. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and then you gave me your handkerchief and yeah. I was just watching you and we were both just nervous and in it, and so just seeing your lips tremble just kind of made me lose it- that was my favorite part. 

Andrew: And then we had a bee pop up in the middle of the ceremony too that was hilarious. Yeah,  like a bee came around and I was swatting at it.  

Amanda: Which is funny because the first time I met your parents at their house,  I got stung by a bee. 

Andrew:  Then we walked off after the ceremony and immediately got drinks which was like, everything. It was all so perfect. Like, we just got married together with all of our best friends and then immediately went into drinking whiskey and having a party which was such a cool thing. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted. The setting was exactly what we wanted, and with the people we wanted, and then we just went off and did our favorite things in one of our favorite places which I think was super cool. 


What were the highlights of your reception?

Amanda: Well,  I don’t know if it was more the dinner rather than the reception, but I loved that we took the time to go eat together alone. We got time to bask in that freshly-married moment, just the two of us. 

Andrew: One hundred percent. While we were taking pictures, everybody kind of got started with drinking and stuff and so by the time we came in, we chatted with everybody for a minute, and then we took our food to a quiet corner and just ate and talked. 

I like that we had a minute to sit together and breathe before we got caught up in the whirlwind of chatting with everybody and celebrating so it was a nice breather.

Also, we are big vibe people and we wanted to create a good atmosphere and good energy. So immediately after the ceremony, drinks started pouring, Kidd Spin, our DJ,  started playing really good music so everyone was ready to party. 

The sun was setting, and the venue looked really cool against the mountains- the reception was a whole Vibe. So when we left, and we got to take a moment and sneak away and have dinner by ourselves, there wasn’t a lull, and the energy just progressed throughout the night. There are so many weddings where the energy dips, but for ours, we didn’t have that at all. 


Were any ethnic, religious, cultural, or family traditions included in your day?

Andrew: No, we were really trying to move away from the “traditional wedding”. We tried to keep it nondenominational and pretty middle-of-the-road since our families have different religious backgrounds. We also cut out a lot of their traditional wedding moments like the bouquet toss and things we just didn’t feel comfortable with. We really just wanted to party.

Amanda: Yes, celebrating with everybody was a bigger priority for us, especially after Covid. Since we had already had to move our wedding date, we really just wanted to do the things that mattered most to us. 

Andrew: We kept the ceremony brief, and culturally, being Mexican, the food, the party, and the drinking are bigger parts of our traditions. We focused on mixing American and Latin cultures for all of our guests. 


Any planning or wedding-day advice for future couples?

Amanda: One thing I loved that we did is we had a note card of all of the formal photos we wanted so that we didn’t get bogged down with extended family jumping into formal photos. We were able to make that formality move fast because what we really wanted were candid photos and just time to be together with our guests. 

So writing out the 10 to 15 formal photos we wanted and inviting those family members to stay after the ceremony while we sent everyone else away for cocktail hour gave us more time to spend time with our guests rather than spend time taking formal photos. 

Andrew: Another thing I would say is to lean on your vendor team. Find a very experienced and professional vendor team that you trust, and let them do their thing. Make sure you have meetings with your vendor team in advance so they know what you do want; to kind of put your mind in their mind, right? So they know what you’ll want without you having to make decisions the day of. 

Plan out as much as you can ahead of time because things will always change on your event day, but if you have a team that you’ve already prepped with say, the two most valuable things, and everything else is superfluous, you will not stress on your big day. 

I loved having our day-of coordinator, or week-of coordinator- that way we could just really enjoy our day. Having that extra support didn’t put pressure on our bridal party and family and take them away from the celebration.


How was the overall experience of your planning? Also, the highs and lows?

Amanda: Our planning actually went very smoothly. We kind of knew what we wanted before we started planning. We’ve been together for a long time and just know each other, so when it came to choosing a venue and vendors, it just came together. 

Andrew: We were blessed to have a very strong and knowledgeable team that we kind of assembled over the years. This is probably true for any couple that planned a wedding during covid, but the lows of the planning process were probably working within the restrictions that we had in the state of Utah. 

So, putting our wedding off for a year because of the number of people that were allowed in the venue- was a little tricky, but not worth moving our venue or changing what we wanted. We just changed the date and when we were finally able to have the wedding, it ended up being perfect. 


Read their 5-star Wedding Photography Review:

“I can’t stop looking at my wedding photos. Like, I keep going back to look at them after I’ve already looked at them for hours. Austen and his team were able to truly capture memories. We collaborated with him on our wedding style and asked for unstaged, authentic, and honest photos to see the energy and love present that night, and he was able to do just that. He was so easy to work with, communicated frequently, and made working with him a breeze. Austen is a pro that can shoot anything and make it look gorgeous. We would work with him again and would recommend him to anyone!” -Andrew 



Amanda and Andrew’s wedding was a timeless tribute to their love of the outdoors and adventure. The couple chose the unique High West Distillery as their venue. The ceremony and reception were adorned with natural colors and elements, providing a modern mountain aesthetic. The couple’s ceremony was carefully timed to coincide with perfect natural lighting and concluded with a night sky photo shoot that encapsulated their love and spirit of adventure. The reception was filled with good vibes, drinks, and music, while the couple took a moment to breathe and enjoy each other’s company. All in all, the wedding was a beautiful reflection of Amanda and Andrew, and captured so many details of their love story perfectly.




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