Autumn Engagement Bonneville Shoreline Trail

October 17, 2023

Quincey and Dani’s autumn engagement session on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a perfect blend of  love, nature, and the vibrant cityscape of Salt Lake City. This engagement shoot is not just a celebration of Quincey and Dani’s love story but also an ode to the breathtaking beauty of autumn in Utah.


Downtown Beginnings and Sweet Moments

Our day started in the vibrant heart of downtown Salt Lake City, a place buzzing with life. The Gallivan Center, with its urban charm, provided the first canvas for our shoot. Here, amidst the modern buildings and the urban hustle, the couple shared tender moments over ice cream, their laughter echoing the joy of their journey together. The presence of their doodle added an extra layer of warmth to these moments, perfectly encapsulating the essence of family they’ve built together.


A Stroll Through Autumn Splendor

As we moved through the city, the autumnal hues of Salt Lake City’s streets came alive in our shots. From the quaint charm of Eva’s Bakery to the vibrant colors of street murals on Regent Street, every location added a unique layer to Quincey and Dani’s story. The golden hues of the foliage, combined with the urban architecture, created a stunning contrast that highlighted the couple’s connection and the joy of their engagement.


The Magic of the an Autumn Engagement Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Transitioning to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, the setting sun cast a golden glow over the landscape, transforming the trail into a magical backdrop for Quincey and Dani’s love. The significance of this location, a testament to their shared passion for marathon running, was palpable in every shot. The golden grass, the red oak trees, and the panoramic views of Salt Lake City set the stage for moments of intimacy, laughter, and love, beautifully captured as the sun dipped below the horizon.



Quincey and Dani’s autumn engagement session on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail was a journey through the heart of Salt Lake City, from its vibrant urban centers to the tranquil beauty of its natural landscapes. Each location, each moment, was a celebration of their love and the life they’ve built together. As the day gave way to the serene hues of twilight, the warmth of their love shone brightly, a beacon of joy and togetherness amidst the changing seasons.


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