Big Cottonwood Canyon Climbing Engagement Session

September 26, 2023

There’s something truly magical about a Big Cottonwood Canyon climbing engagement session. It’s not just about capturing the essence of love between two people but intertwining that love with their passion for adventure and the great outdoors. This was the case for Bree and Ty, a couple whose love for rock climbing and the majestic beauty of Big Cottonwood Canyon brought them together for an unforgettable engagement session.


Embracing the Adventure during a Big Cottonwood Canyon climbing engagement session

Our day began with Bree and Ty in their element, dressed in climbing gear, ready to conquer the crags of Big Cottonwood Canyon. As they assessed their route, we captured moments of anticipation, the warmth of the golden summer sunlight backlit them, highlighting the bond they share not just as partners but as climbing companions.


Capturing the Essence

The beauty of Big Cottonwood Canyon served as a stunning backdrop for portraits. Surrounded by tall pines, the couple stood on a rocky ledge, overlooking the canyon, their love as vast as the landscape around them.  The session continued with the couple putting on their harnesses, a symbolic representation of the support and trust they have in each other, vital elements in both climbing and marriage.


Golden Hour and Furry Friends

As the day progressed, we shifted locations to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for golden hour portraits. Joined by their golden doodle puppy, the couple’s love story was accentuated by the breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City. The glow of sunset on Mount Olympus provided a perfect, romantic ambiance, capturing not just the love between Bree and Ty but also their joy and companionship with their furry friend. These moments, filled with candid shots and laughter, encapsulated the essence of their relationship – joyful, adventurous, and deeply connected to nature.



Bree and Ty’s Big Cottonwood Canyon climbing engagement session was more than just an engagement shoot; it was a celebration of love, adventure, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. It reminded us that love is not just about the big moments but also about sharing passions and embracing life’s adventures together.


Ready for Your Adventure?

If Bree and Ty’s story has inspired you, it’s time to create your own unforgettable memories. Whether it’s climbing the rugged terrains of Big Cottonwood Canyon or exploring the serene beauty of nature, let’s capture the essence of your love story. Contact us to plan your unique engagement session or to view more galleries like this one, visit our website.




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