Big Cottonwood Canyon Formal Session

October 3, 2023

Robin and Kenny’s session at Big Cottonwood Canyon was amazing, hitting the sweet spot of Utah’s fall foliage in October. This shoot was all about blending the casual with the ceremonious, capturing their adventurous spirit alongside their commitment to each other in a setting that’s close to their hearts.


A Casual Start for a Big Cottonwood Canyon Formal Session

We started the day with Robin and Kenny by their camper van, dressed in flannels, enjoying a couple of beers against a backdrop of striking yellow aspens. They love the outdoors and often retreat to their van for adventures, so it felt right to capture these moments, especially since they skipped a traditional engagement shoot. It was relaxed, genuine, and full of joy.

Elevating to Formal

After the casual vibes, they switched into their wedding attire, and we ventured onto the WoW trail near Bonanza Flats. The day served us dramatic, overcast skies, which contrasted perfectly with the autumn colors, creating a series of photos that were both evocative and stunning. It’s these kinds of days that make for unforgettable shoots.


Scouting the Perfect Backdrop for a Big Cottonwood Canyon Formal Session

As we navigated Big Cottonwood Canyon, we looked for locations that offered both drama and beauty—settling near the Storm Mountain Amphitheater for its breathtaking views and moody clouds. The session was more than just poses; it was about capturing their essence through spontaneous lifts, dips, and embraces, all outside the usual wedding day rush.



This session was a true adventure, from casual beers by the van to the elegance among the aspens, it reflected Robin and Kenny’s journey in a personal and meaningful way. Their photos are a celebration of love, nature, and the joy of sharing life’s adventures together.


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