Big Cottonwood Canyon Winter Proposal

January 17, 2023

Tyler and Haley’s Big Cottonwood Canyon Winter was a tale of romance in a picturesque meadow near Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Since there isn’t snow in Texas the couple travelled to Utah to mark the next step in their love story in a winter wonderland.


Planning a Big Cottonwood Canyon Winter Proposal

Several weeks before their trip, Tyler reached out to turn a winter ski trip into an unforgettable moment. Opting for simplicity and avoiding the ski resort logistics, we decided on the serene sled hill near the open field by Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon.


A Snowy Surprise Winter Wonderland Proposal Proposal

As the morning unfolded, Tyler and Haley strolled through the snowy field, where he dropped to one knee and proposed. Despite the cold, Haley’s heart warmed up as she said yes, completely surprised by the magical moment in the snowy landscape.


Capturing the Magic from Afar

To preserve the surprise, I used a telephoto lens from a distance to discreetly capture the magic without interrupting their intimate moment. When Tyler finally pointed me out, Haley’s laughter echoed, realizing the enchanting proposal had an unseen witness. Following the proposal, we ventured into the snow-covered pines for beautiful portraits, capturing the love and joy that painted the winter scene. Tyler and Haley even added a playful touch with a sled, creating action shots to remember.


Why Winter Proposals Shine

Winter proposals hold a special charm for several reasons—the serene snow-covered landscapes, the quietude that enhances the intimate moments, and the unique activities like sled rides that add a playful touch to the occasion.


In the heart of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Tyler and Haley’s winter proposal unfolded like a scene from a snowy fairytale. A surprise in the serene winter landscape, capturing the essence of their love against the backdrop of Utah’s snowy beauty.


Planning Your Winter Proposal in Salt Lake City

Are you envisioning a winter wonderland proposal? Let me assist you in planning your surprise winter proposal in Salt Lake City, Park City, and throughout Utah. Embrace the enchantment of winter for a truly magical moment.


We'll capture honest photos and fleeting moments that bring you back to remember exactly how it felt—the joy, the jitters, the crazy party, the wild love.