Bonanza Flats Bridal Session

August 1, 2023

Katie and Jonah’s Bonanza Flats Bridal Session was a day to remember. This was an amazing opportunity to photograph in an old-growth Aspen forest and amidst wildflowers in areas that, just weeks after our session, were closed off to the general public. Katie and Jonah loved the locations, and the fact we were able to include their beloved dog.


The Serenity of a Bonanza Flats Bridal Session

Our day began in the enchanting surroundings of Bonanza Flats. The old-growth Aspen forest provided a tranquil backdrop, with its towering trees and lush undergrowth setting the stage for some of the day’s most memorable shots. Katie and Jonah, along with their dog, were the picture of happiness as they walked hand in hand along the forest trails. Each photograph captured the essence of their bond and the beauty of nature around them.


A Meadow of Wildflowers

As we moved on, the session took us to a stunning meadow, brimming with wildflowers—a sight seldom seen in late August at such high elevations. The vibrant colors of the flowers contrasted beautifully with the soft, overcast sky, creating a perfect setting for more intimate moments. Whether it was a tender kiss, a shared laugh over beers, or simply enjoying the tranquility of Bonanza Flats, each moment was a celebration of Katie and Jonah’s love.


Capturing Moments at Empire Pass for a Bonanza Flats Bridal Session

We then headed to  Empire Pass, where the rugged landscapes and panoramic views added a dramatic element to our session. The couple, standing amidst large boulders and wild shrubs against the expansive mountain backdrop, looked as if they were part of a grand, romantic adventure. The overcast day provided soft, natural lighting that accentuated the colors and textures of the landscape, making each photo more striking.



The Bonanza Flats Bridal Session was an adventure that took Katie and Jonah from the tranquil Aspen forests to the wildflower meadows and the rugged beauty of Empire Pass, with each location offering a backdrop that perfectly captured their love and the joy of including their dog in these moments. As a photographer, it was a privilege to document their journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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