Bonanza Flats Engagement Session

June 9, 2022

This Bonanza Flats engagement session was once of the last photo sessions at the site, as it was closed to the public in 2024. Maya and Zev loved the flats as they are near Park City, where Zev grew up. His mother is a well known photographer in the community, and it was a great honor that she recommended me to do their photos.


The Setting at Bonanza Flats

We took photos in the aspen groves of Bonanza Flats, where the trees and early June greenery made everything look vibrant and full of life. This spot is known for its big old trees and the idea that they’re all growing together, which felt right for capturing Maya and Zev’s relationship.


 Photos Among the Trees for a Bonanza Flats Engagement Session

The session had lots of moments – from tight hugs in the glowing evening light to fun piggyback rides. We managed to get a mix of close-up shots and wider scenes that show off the area’s beauty. The path through the aspens and the open fields under the big sky were perfect for photos that felt both intimate and grand.


Second Location: Empire Pass

After the grove, we headed to Empire Pass above Deer Valley for a change of scenery. The big rock formations and views over Deer Valley and Wasatch Mountain State Park gave us some epic backdrops for Maya and Zev’s photos, adding some drama to the shoot.



This engagement session at Bonanza Flats was all about capturing Maya and Zev in a natural, meaningful setting. The photos tell the story of their connection and the beautiful day we spent together.


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