Brighton Resort Engagement Session

April 24, 2023

In this breathtaking Brighton Resort engagement session, Meredith and Dan traversed the snowy slopes of the Wasatch Mountains for their unforgettable day. The resort offers a picturesque backdrop for couples who share a love for skiing and the great outdoors. Their day started with a tradition close to their hearts – a tailgate coffee session, embodying the essence of their ski mornings.


Tailgate Traditions and Slope-side Smiles

Meredith and Dan’s engagement session was as unique as their love story, featuring moments of joy and intimacy against the snow-capped peaks. Their morning began in the comfort of their car’s open trunk, surrounded by their ski gear, sharing warm smiles over coffee. This ritual, more than just a start to their day, symbolizes the warmth and comfort they find in each other’s company amidst the cold, expansive beauty of Brighton Resort.


 Chairlift Chats and Mountain Moments at a Brighton Resort Engagement Session

One of the day’s highlights was capturing Meredith and Dan on the Great Western chairlift, where they shared close embraces and candid moments against a backdrop of towering evergreens and snowy slopes. It’s these authentic moments that showcase their bond – whether seated on a chairlift with the vast expanse of the resort below or standing at the top of a run, the love and connection they share are palpable.


Down the Slopes of Adventure

The adventure didn’t stop at the chairlift. The couple took to the slopes, skiing down Snake Gulch and other groomed runs, their figures small against the grandeur of Mount Millicent and the surrounding scenery. Each photo from their descent captures their playful and adventurous spirits, from side-by-side skiing to shared kisses on the chairlift, against the blurred lines of snowy forests and mountains.



Meredith and Dan’s engagement session at Brighton Resort was more than just a series of photographs; it was a celebration of their journey together, marked by shared passions and the joy of the great outdoors. Their day, filled with intimate moments, laughter, and the thrill of skiing, beautifully encapsulates their love story, set against the breathtaking landscape of one of Salt Lake City’s renowned ski resorts.


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