Brighton Resort Snowboarding Wedding

March 14, 2019

This sunny spring day was ideal for Rachel & Danny’s Brighton Resort Snowboarding Wedding photos. They wanted iconic snow-capped Utah landscapes to serve as the backdrop for these timeless wedding keepsakes. Since Brighton Resort is near and dear to their hearts as avid snowboarders, the classic Big Cottonwood Canyon ski hill was perfect.

What It’s Like to Have Wedding Photos While Snowboarding

I believe that incorporating what you love to do as a couple into your wedding day or bridal shoot is simply the best. I’m an avid skier, and I occasionally shoot commercial ski photography during the winter, so this was a natural fit for everyone. When Rachel & Danny took to the mountain for their Brighton Resort Snowboarding Wedding, they were congratulated repeatedly, so the stoke was high! It’s so cool to see how receptive the community is to wedding couples. Everyone was so excited to see the oddly out-of-place fancily-dressed couple on snowboards.

When snowboarding or skiing in wedding attire, one must know that you’re not as limber and loose as you would be in your Gore-Tex shells and cozy baselayers. I recommend flesh-colored long underwear for beneath wedding dresses. And you have to be OK with getting your dandy get-ups a little wet as you boot up and, ahem, maybe take a lil’ tumble. But all in all, it’s beyond worth it for the experience The photos are one of a kind. Just check out that killer shredding photo with Danny’s sunnies on! I love it.

During a wedding or bridal shoot on snowboards or skis, we often will shoot photos on the lift. Then, we take in the vistas and create more traditional photos and poses at the top, then leapfrog down the hill to get action photos. It’s a pretty excellent cadence, that goes by much faster than you might think!

Why I Loved This Brighton Resort Snowboarding Wedding

The stoke was so high! Rachel & Danny actually had their proper celebration a few weeks prior to this shoot. You can see their Snowbasin Resort Wedding here. While I do my best to create captivating portraits of the couple on the wedding day, timelines often get crunched, and it’s all hustle and bustle to make something classic. A bridal shoot afterward is a great way to reconnect to your vows, as well as make art in a slower-paced situation.

As such, we really had the opportunity to craft a varied amount of Brighton Resort Snowboarding Wedding portraits all over the resort. The day started hunting for pockets of golden light at Great Western as the sun was just coming up. We ended by ripping it down Milly.

Why Brighton Resort is Great for Wedding

A Brighton Resort wedding is affordable, especially by comparison to other ski resorts in the area. The resort does a limited number of weddings per year. It isn’t exactly set up like a traditional wedding venue. So it makes sense to have your wedding here mostly for the crafty, DIY bride and groom. Snow lovers might also consider hiring a wedding planner that can achieve their vision in the rustic accommodations of Molly Green’s or the other on-mountain buildings.

There are plenty places to have a Utah Ski Resort Wedding that are more traditional, so click on that link to get more information! Still trying to decide on your Utah Wedding Venue? Click on that link to find details on costs and info for more than 30 venues throughout Utah! Also if you have questions or would like my suggestions, I’m happy to chat.

Salt Lake City Wedding Photography

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Bride in wedding dress on snowy peak with snow covered mountains behind her.


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