Brighton Ski Elopement

December 22, 2022

Wei and Jaotian’s Brighton Ski Elopement allowed for some incredible photos that showed off the day’s excitement and the beautiful snowy setting. Their ceremony was small and personal, set against the snowy mountains, which made everything feel close and special despite the winter chill. The personal and intimate nature of their celebration made it a truly special and memorable occasion.


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“For any couples who want to do a ski wedding, I will highly recommend 10/10 our incredible photographer Austen, who is professional and knowledgeable, and especially has expertise in adventurous shoots (for us it’s a ski wedding shoot).

Austen helped us all along the way from the first time we contacted him:

  1. Austen helped us estimate the entire timeline of our wedding day. We wanted to host a ski wedding in Salt Lake City UT. As we live on the east coast, Austen worked like our UT local friends and gave us ideas on when/where/how/what could we plan to get the best ski wedding in ski resorts. He is easy to work with and no matter when we had questions, he would schedule a call for us. Thank you for all the help!
  2. If you are not local, trust me Austen will help you to plan everything and give the best suggestions. He offered his expertise in ski weddings whenever we needed advice, such as where to do the ceremony, if we need to book anything, dinner locations, .etc. With his help, we determined the final beautiful place for the ceremony events, ski resort, and dinner location.
  3. Throughout every stage on the wedding day Austen was involved, artistic, attentive, and engaging. The first tiny thing he did was to help me wear my tie :). I couldn’t appreciate him more. He has the magic to know what we were looking for, tailored it with his suggestions, and made it work.
  4. For the photography part, his photos were filled with emotion and had his style with colors/settings. He has the magic to capture the perfect moments to turn them into timeless memories no matter if it is on snow while skiing or in our house or the ceremony events. Also, while shooting the photos, Austen will guide you/the group on how to relax and show the best smile/status. Usually, I’m not that comfortable in front of a camera and he made me feel at ease. I love the photos a lot.
  5. During the ski photo session, Austen showed his expertise again. He gave us lots of suggestions on how we should ski to get the best angle in the photo. He also guided us to some very good spots in the resort.

In the end, I highly recommend Austen for your big day, his pictures will be a timeless gift for such an important day!”

Wei Wei and Joatian (Tom Y)



Wei and Jaotian elopement in Brighton ski elopement was a great blend of adventure and intimacy. Their choice to ski in wedding clothes and have a small ceremony in the mountains made their day stand out. Their ceremony was small and personal, set against the snowy mountains, which made everything feel close and special despite the winter chill.

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