Burr Trail Wedding Photos in Boulder, Utah

July 1, 2021

These Burr Trail Wedding Photos in Boulder, Utah were taken in a location not many know about, but those who do hold it dear. These photos were taken the day after Shari and Kevin’s wedding, on the first official say of their life together. It was a beautiful shoot, with photos against the grandeur of Escalante’s Grand Staircase and the distant views of Capitol Reef National Park. Sunrise, with its golden light and serene quiet, offered the perfect setting for intimate and breathtaking wedding portraits.


Sunrise Serenity and Splendor

Our adventure kicked off at the Grand Overlook, where the horizon stretched endlessly, a vast canvas painted with the day’s first light. The Burr Trail, with its myriad of sandstone formations, painted in every shade from crimson to lavender, provided a backdrop so dynamic, every shot was a masterpiece. There, in the tranquility of dawn, the couple found moments of peace and playfulness, their silhouettes tiny against the monumental landscapes, yet so profoundly significant.


The Beauty of Burr Trail Wedding Photos in Boulder, Utah

As the sun climbed higher, we traversed the trail, capturing their love story against a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. The Burr Trail’s secluded nooks and grand vistas offered a sense of solitude and grandeur, making each photo a testament to the couple’s adventurous spirit. We chased the light, from the soft hues of early morning to the golden glow of sunrise, each elevation change unveiling new layers of the desert’s mystique.


Moments to Cherish Forever

This session transcended the ordinary, turning into a voyage of discovery and celebration. Southern Utah’s landscapes, with their stark beauty and imposing silence, served as the perfect counterpart to the couple’s joy and unity. From playful leaps on the open road to intimate moments shared in the embrace of the desert, we didn’t just capture images; we captured feelings, stories, and the awe-inspiring beginning of their journey together.



The Burr Trail wedding photoshoot was more than an assignment; it was a privilege. Witnessing their love set against the breathtaking backdrops of Boulder, Utah, was a reminder of why I do what I do. These images are not merely photographs; they are vibrant memories, a celebration of love that stands as bold and enduring as the landscapes we explored.


Let’s Capture Your Adventure

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