City to Mountain Engagement Session

March 27, 2022

Salt Lake City is an amazing urban center surrounded by stunning mountains. Janine and Jakob’s City to Mountain Engagement Session took advance of both settings. This adventurous couple, with a love for brewery tours and travel, made their engagement session a reflection of their passions and lifestyle. From the cozy corners of TF Brewing in Salt Lake City to the expansive vistas of the Bonneville shoreline, their story unfolded in a series of moments that captured their love and shared interests.


Brewery Bliss to begin the City to Mountain Engagement Session

We started the shoot at TF Brewing,  a favorite pub of Janine and Jakob. The industrial chic of the brewery, with its hanging lights and metal accents, served as the perfect backdrop for capturing their urban romance. Each candid shot and tender moment, from sipping beers side by side to playing games of Jenga and cornhole in the yard, painted a picture of a couple deeply in love and perfectly at ease in the city setting.


Adventure in the Mountains

As the day transitioned, so did our setting, moving from the city’s vibrant energy to the serene grandeur of the mountains. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail, with its rustic umber and yellow tones of early spring, offered a stunning contrast to the urban scenes. Here, amidst the rugged beauty of nature, Janine, Jacob, and their loyal dog shared moments of joy and intimacy.

The session culminated with an unforgettable sunset overlooking Salt Lake City. The silhouettes of Janine and Jacob against the painted sky, with the city lights twinkling in the background, combined both the urban and pastoral settings.



This City to Mountain Engagement Session wasn’t just about capturing beautiful images; it was about telling the story of Janine and Jacob, a couple whose love traverses the excitement of urban life and the peace of the natural world. Their engagement session beautifully reflects the essence of Salt Lake City living and the unique bond they share.


Let’s Capture Your Story

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