Climbing Engagement Session at Red Rocks

November 4, 2022

Josie and Patrick’s climbing engagement session at Red Rocks was an exhilarating blend of adventure and romance. This unique session not only captured their love for each other but also their passion for rock climbing, making it a truly memorable experience.


Sunrise Amidst the Sandstone

Our day started at dawn as the sun rose over the vast desert landscape of Red Rocks, outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Dressed a bit more formally than their usual climbing attire, Josie and Patrick shared tender moments against the magnificent red sandstone walls. These early moments of the session beautifully contrasted the adventurous parts that would follow, showcasing their ability to blend elegance with their love for the outdoors.


In Their Element during a Climbing Engagement Session at Red Rocks

As the sun climbed higher, so did Josie and Patrick. Changing into their climbing gear, they were ready to tackle the rocks. Capturing them in action, scaling the towering sandstone cliffs, and sharing kisses while on belay, highlighted not just their skills as climbers but the depth of their connection. These authentic photos against the backdrop of Red Rocks’ rugged beauty truly represented who they are and what they love to do together.


Celebrating at the Summit

Reaching the top of their climb, Josie and Patrick looked out into the Red Rock Wilderness Area in a moment of triumph and togetherness. These photos captured the essence of their journey, not just up the rock face but in their relationship. The breathtaking views served as a metaphor for their upcoming marriage—vast, beautiful, and filled with endless possibilities.


Tailgating Moments

Ending the session, Josie and Patrick relaxed on the tailgate of their beloved truck, sharing coffee and laughter. These casual, intimate moments contrasted with the day’s earlier adventures, showcasing the couple’s versatility and the depth of their bond. Surrounded by the serene beauty of Red Rocks, these final shots encapsulated the day’s joy and the couple’s adventurous spirit.



Josie and Patrick’s climbing engagement session at Red Rocks was a vivid celebration of their love and shared passions. From elegant poses at sunrise to the adrenaline of climbing and the tranquility of tailgating, every moment was about adventurous spirits and deep connection.


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