Deer Valley Skiing Senior Portraits

January 3, 2024

These Deer Valley skiing senior portraits are not just photos; they are a celebration of Evan’s passion for skiing and his journey through high school. 

Located in the heart of Park City, where Evan’s family owns a condo, skiing has been a pivotal part of his childhood and young adult life. 

It was only natural for us to capture this significant phase of his life on the slopes of Deer Valley, a place that has witnessed his growth from a young skier to a competitive ski racer.

Capturing the Essence of a Ski Racer for Senior Portraits

Evan is not your average high school senior; he’s an athlete with the mountain as his playground. Our session took us on an adventure across Deer Valley, hitting groomers and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains from atop Bald Mountain. While the powder conditions were less than ideal, it didn’t stop Evan from showcasing his skills. Each photo, from action shots of Evan shredding the slopes to candid moments on the chairlift, tells a story of dedication, joy, and the sheer thrill of skiing.

Deer Valley Skiing Senior Portraits Offers A Scenic Backdrop Like No Other

Deer Valley isn’t just a ski resort; it’s a picturesque canvas that enhances every photo. From the expansive views of the slopes and mountains to the detailed shots of Evan against the serene backdrop of the Jordanelle Reservoir and distant mountains, the landscape played a crucial role in our session. Deer Valley provided a stunning setting that complemented Evan’s dynamic action photos and candid moments, making each photo a masterpiece.

But if you’re a snowboarder or you love another ski resort, worry not. There are ample opportunities and incredible views from all of Utah’s ski resorts. So whichever resort is your home base, we can make incredible art there!

This Senior Session Was More Than Just Action Shots

While the action shots are undeniably impressive, resembling something out of an REI ad rather than a traditional senior portrait, we aimed for diversity. After skiing, we captured Evan in his street clothes, embodying a cowboy style that’s as unique as his personality. 

These photos, taken near his family’s condo with the golden winter light casting a serene glow, added a different dimension to our session. They highlight Evan’s multifaceted character, blending his athletic prowess with his casual, laid-back style.


These Deer Valley skiing senior portraits are a testament to Evan’s passion for skiing and his journey as a high school senior. They encapsulate who he is at this pivotal moment in his life, blending action-packed shots with casual chill vibes, all against the breathtaking backdrop of Deer Valley.

Ready to Capture Your Story?

Inspired by Evan’s story and the stunning scenery of Utah’s ski resorts? Whether you’re an avid skier or have a different passion, I’m here to help capture the vibe of your senior year in a way that’s uniquely you. 

Contact me to book your session or browse more galleries on my website for inspiration. Let’s create memories that you’ll love for a lifetime.




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