Downtown SLC Engagement Session

July 12, 2022

Brian and Nick love their home in Utah, which made a Downtown SLC Engagement Session an easy decision for both of them. I was able to photograph them not only in an urban setting against the city skyline, but also in the foothills surrounding the city, showing how close nature is to downtown.  It also gave me the opportunity to include their dog in their photo session.


Urban Love Story

Our adventure began atop a parking garage, where the surrounding skyscrapers of Salt Lake City framed each moment perfectly. Utilizing urban elements like the geometric lines of parking spaces and the textured brick walls, we crafted compositions that not only emphasized  Brian and Nick’s connection but also the city’s architectural elegance.


Staircases and Skylines at the Downtown SLC Engagement Session

Diving deeper into the city, the quaint charm of old brick buildings and their staircases offered a stark contrast to the newer sleek glass buildings, symbolizing a harmonious blend of history and modernity akin to their timeless love. The bustling atmosphere of the Galivan Center Plaza encapsulated the vibrant spirit of downtown, highlighting the couple’s joy and companionship.


A Sunset with the City

The narrative took a heartwarming turn as we ventured into the foothills of Salt Lake City, with their playful puppy in tow. The panoramic views from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, under the glow of the setting sun, provided a breathtaking backdrop that encapsulated the city’s allure, enhancing Brian and Nick’s engagement photos with a blend of natural and urban beauty.


Twilight in the City at the Downtown SLC Engagement Session

As the day transitioned into the blue hour, the city lights began to shimmer like jewels. This magical time of day added a layer of enchantment to their engagement session, showcasing the captivating beauty of Salt Lake City under the night sky. The intimate moments captured tell the story of their journey  together.



This Downtown SLC Engagement Session  was more than a simple photo shoot, it was a celebration  of love and the city Brian and Nick call home. The images we captured are are a visual narrative their love, and the city’s dynamic spirit. Through these moments, we’ve not only celebrated their union but also the essence of Salt Lake City itself.


Let’s Celebrate Your Love

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