Engagements in the Wasatch Mountains

June 14, 2022

Mattie and Logan’s celebrated their engagement in the Wasatch Mountains with a lovely photo shoot. We shot in a variety of locations, ranging from towering rock cliffs to beautiful meadows in the shadow of Mount Olympus. We also decided to shoot in both black and white and color, which gave the photos different feels, even though they were all shot in the same afternoon.


Artistic Black and White in Big Cottonwood Canyon

The first part of our session highlighted the majestic scenery of Storm Mountain, a well known spot in the canyon,  in a series of black and white photos. This choice brought a timeless elegance to this series of photos, emphasizing the textures and contrasts of the landscape without the distraction of color.


Golden Hour on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

For a change of scenery and style, we moved to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, west of Granger Peak, with Mount Olympus in the background. Here, the tall golden and green grasses along the trail basked in the golden hour light, creating a warm, vibrant setting for our photoshoot. This location provided stunning vistas of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City, perfectly capturing the essence of the area.


Capturing Moments in Nature taking Engagements in the Wasatch Mountains

Mattie and Logan were great subjects, ready not only to take more traditional engagement photos, but also to show off their  playful and affectionate relationship. From intimate embraces on rocky terrains to joyful interactions along the mountainous trails, each photo reflected their love and happiness. The dramatic flare of the setting sun behind them, the soft sunlight bathing the majestic mountains, and the serene moments shared on a rugged cliff all contributed to a memorable engagement shoot.



It was a joy to photograph Mattie and Logan’s Engagement in the Wasatch Mountains. The photos blend the natural beauty of the landscape with the couple’s genuine affection for each other. The choice to start with black and white photos and transition to the vivid colors of golden hour allowed us to capture a wide range of emotions and scenes.


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