Fall Engagements in Big Cottonwood Canyon

October 9, 2023

Fall engagements in Big Cottonwood Canyon are nothing short of magical, and Alyssa and Ben’s session was a perfect example of this. The couple chose the stunning backdrop of Willow Lake, surrounded by golden Aspen trees, to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. Their engagement shoot captured not only the breathtaking beauty of the location but also the deep connection and joy they share.


Fall Engagements in Big Cottonwood Canyon with the Magic of Golden Aspens

Our journey began with a scenic hike to Willow Lake, where Alyssa and Ben were enveloped in a sea of golden leaves. The Aspen trees, with their unique white bark and shimmering leaves, provided a surreal setting that felt like stepping into a fairy tale. The reflection of the trees on the lake, combined with the soft afternoon light, created a series of artistic and beautiful photos that perfectly encapsulated the essence of fall.


A Playful Love

As we continued along the trail, we entered another Aspen grove where the couple shared playful embraces and kisses. These moments, natural and unposed, truly showcased their unique bond and love for one another. The outfit change halfway through the session added a formal touch, hinting at the excitement and anticipation of their upcoming wedding.


Amidst the Colors of Fall Engagements in Big Cottonwood Canyon

The second part of our shoot took us to the majestic views by Storm Mountain Amphitheater, with giant rock walls and ridge lines set against the vibrant fall colors. The beginning of October, with its peak fall hues of red, orange, yellow, and purple, is an incredible time for engagement shoots in the mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon.


Sunset and Silhouettes

After the sun dipped below the horizon, we captured stunning silhouettes of the couple against the rock outcroppings, surrounded by the rich colors of autumn. Our session concluded among red and orange oak trees, with Alyssa and Ben sharing smiles and laughter, a beautiful reminder of their journey ahead.



Alyssa and Ben’s fall engagement in Big Cottonwood Canyon was a celebration of love set against one of nature’s most spectacular displays. The golden Aspens, the serene lake, and the vibrant fall colors all played their part in creating a memorable backdrop for their engagement photos. This session not only captured the beauty of the location but also the genuine connection and joy between Alyssa and Ben.


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