Fall Grooms Wedding Portraits

October 24, 2023

Drew and Jace chose to have their “first look’ early, at their fall grooms wedding portraits session up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The changing leaves provided an ideal backdrop,  helping to create a collection of images that encapsulated the strength of their love against Utah’s stunning  landscape.


The Perfect Timing for Fall Grooms Wedding Portraits

The decision to hold their photo session in late October was perfect timing. The canyon, adorned with the last hints of fall foliage, offered a golden sunset light that illuminated the couple in a breathtaking glow. Just days later, a snow storm would cover the area — taking all the leaves with it. The fall colors were perfect with the outfits the pair had chosen:  Drew in a a distinctive Spanish Matador cape and flower crown, and  Jace  in a classic three-piece suit.


Seeking Autumn’s Splendor

Our journey for the perfect fall backdrop led us  to Little Cottonwood Canyon, where the couple was enveloped by the rich hues of oak and maple trees. A particularly memorable moment was captured on a large boulder by Little Cottonwood Canyon Creek, where Drew and Jace, amidst the serene flow of the creek, shared a kiss, surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall.


Moonrise and Golden Glow for Fall Grooms Wedding Portraits

We ended the session  at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, under the soft light of a rising moon and the golden glow of the evening light on the grasses. This serene setting provided a perfect end to the day, capturing the couple hand in hand, their love illuminated by the natural beauty around them.



Drew and Jace wanted pictures as vibrant as their love, and this photo session in the canyons provided them with that. The flowers on Drew’s head contrasted with the fall leaves, and both grooms looked stunning in their formal suits agains the raw beauty of nature. It was a day to remember, with photos that will make it truly unforgettable.


Ready to Capture Your Moment?

Inspired by Drew and Jace’s stunning fall wedding portraits? Whether you’re envisioning an intimate first look in a secluded canyon or a grand celebration amidst autumn’s splendor, I’m here to bring your vision to life. Let’s create timeless memories that reflect your unique love story, set against the backdrop of the season’s most vibrant landscapes.




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