Fall Snowpine Lodge Wedding

September 24, 2021

Dylan and Rylee’s Fall Snowpine Lodge wedding in Alta, Utah was a breathtaking affair filled with intimate moments, beautiful views, and cherished traditions. The couple exchanged vows surrounded by loved ones, with Rylee’s father’s wedding ring incorporated into her bouquet as a touching tribute. Despite planning during Covid, the couple had a stress-free experience thanks to their amazing wedding planner and vendors. For Dylan and Rylee, the day was a wonderful way to commemorate focusing on their future together.



Ceremony/Reception Location: Snowpine Lodge, Alta Utah
Planner: Roots Flowers 
Videographer: Pointe Digital 
Flower Designer: Rachael MacLaughlin of Roots Flowers
Makeup Artist: Renee Curtis
Officiant: Kayden Nelson
Music/Entertainment: Quiet Groove – Rob Ferre
Caterer: Snowpine Lodge
Cake/Desserts: Cake by Alessandra
Bride’s Dress Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal 
Dress Designer: Essense of Australia
Groom’s Suit: J.Crew
Additional Attire (ex: rings, veil, shoes, jewelry, etc.): Ring by Brilliant Earth


We asked the couple to share some of their memories from their beautiful wedding day. 


Why did you decide to get married at Snowpine Lodge?

Snowpine Lodge had a very intimate setting surrounded by beautiful views


What was your favorite moment of your Fall Snowpine Lodge Wedding?

Dylan – Kissing the bride 😉 and not almost dropping her during our first dance… Rylee – The honeymoon, just kidding. The whole day was beautiful, but my favorite part was running up to the arcade with just Dylan and we played skeeball where I kicked Dylan’s butt. (Dylan disagrees with this accounting of events.)


Describe the overall mood or theme (ex: classic, color palette, modern, boho)

Intimate, fall-vibes/fantasy wedding, black-tie.


What were the highlights of your ceremony?

Dylan’s little brother was the pastor and married us which was very special. Being surrounded by just our loved ones as we celebrated the best day of our lives. Rylee’s bouquet had her father’s wedding ring in it. This was important because he had passed away in 2018 and it was Rylee’s way of having her Dad walk her down the aisle. 


What were the highlights of your reception?

The dance party with friends and family was so much fun. Everyone at the reception got up and danced even though we are probably the worst dancers you have ever witnessed. 


Were any ethnic, religious, cultural, or family traditions included in your day?

Rylee wore the same earrings that her Mother wore on her wedding day. 


Any planning or wedding-day advice for future couples?

Elope! Just kidding. Remember that it’s your day and you should plan things the way you want and not care about anyone else. 


How was the overall experience of your planning? Also, the highs and lows?

Well, we planned during Covid which was a little hard. It was amazing to have a great wedding planner (shout out to Rachael) who knew great people like Austen and our wedding DJ, Rob Ferre. Rachael made the experience extremely easy and stress-free so we could focus on enjoying our special day. 

Shout out to Austen for getting to know us before the wedding day so the process felt more natural and relaxed. 



The fall wedding at Snowpine Lodge of Dylan and Rylee in Alta, Utah was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by stunning views and a sense of intimacy, the couple shared heartfelt and personalized moments throughout the day. Overall, it was an unforgettable celebration of love that will be remembered for a lifetime.



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