What sets you apart from the other photographers we’re considering?

Three things: First, it’s my goal to make your day amazing. I think it’s essential to have a wedding photographer that you connect with and who has your back. From our first chat, I want to make sure that we’re going to be an excellent fit, that you can put your trust in me, and that I create a personalized experience just for you.

Secondly, I’m like a Jedi with light. Seriously. It makes images sing, dance, and have that “wow” effect. Quite honestly, I’m really, really experienced making that happen. Whether it’s creating my own light with strobes to anticipating the changing of natural light, and seeing the most flattering back-light to getting bit of serendipitous sun flare. My command of light has taken years of professional growth, and I’ve seen many other photographers not invest the needed time into this skill, bless their little hearts. I want to make sure your photos look consistently awesome from the beginning of the day through the end of the night

Lastly, I’ve been told that I’m super easy to be around on a wedding day, striking the delicate balance between an assertive cinematographer and a discreet photo ninja. Bonus: I’m pretty funny. Your moms are going to love me.


What’s your photographic style?

My clients have said that my wedding photography is authentic, creative, and playful. I’d also add that I’m a romantic at heart and it comes across in my photos. I edit in a style that is timeless, clean, and punchy. All this said, my top priority is to capture moments, create portraits, and deliver images to show how the day felt.


Are you available on my wedding day?

I sure hope so! Contact me, and I’ll let you know within 48 hours if our stars align, and we can schedule a chat.


How much are your wedding collections?

First things first, I want to hear all about your celebration and tell you about my personalized approach. Because without context, it’s just numbers and bullet points, right? So get the conversation started. You can also check out a sample of minimum investments for wedding and elopement collections and portrait sessions here.


Can I see examples of a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! I think it’s important to show you how I document an entire wedding day. Once I know a bit about your wedding, I can find a few that are a close match.


Can we read what your past clients have to say about you?

I never thought you’d ask! Seriously, I wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t absolutely love working with people, hearing about their stories and vision, and making their dreams come true. I’m stoked to be a wedding photographer, can you tell? Here’s a number of wedding photography reviews.


When can we expect our photos?

You’ll receive a few photos within 48 hours of your wedding and a preview of about 50 images within two weeks. Typical turnaround for all edited wedding images is about eight weeks.


How many photos do we receive?

Every wedding is a bit different, but approximately 75 images per hour, each one edited by me.


Do you offer prints?

Yes! I’m passionate about tangible mementos, so I’ve made it incredibly simple to invest in prints! Within your online gallery, there’s an integrated print shop. Read about my fine art albums and prints as part of your wedding photography experience.


Do you offer fine art albums?

Another resounding, “Yes!” I think this is the most important thing that I offer, honestly. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and selecting album options that are elegant, timeless, and highly personalized, all with impeccable design. Again, you can read about my love affair with albums and a sample of what I offer here.


Is it easy for family and friends to see the final photos?

Your online gallery is super simple to navigate. Share individual photos or a group of your favorites with your people directly from the gallery. Also, you can share a direct link with them so they can view and download all the digital files and purchase prints for themselves.


Are all of our photos edited?

Yes, every image you receive has met my exacting standards and looks exactly as I intend for it to.


Do we get printing rights so we can print our own photos?

Yes, but I’d recommend you purchase prints through your gallery’s print shop. I’ve seen budget prints done elsewhere (cough, Costco, cough) that quite frankly look terrible. And if you go that route, I can’t help you. When you order prints from my print shop, I work directly with a professional lab to ensure that they look amazing. I oversee every print job, and I guarantee the work.


What gear do you use?

I’m in deep with the Sony Alpha series, using the workhorse a7riii and a9 cameras. These cameras are the finest I’ve ever used, and I’ve owned too many. Also at my disposal are a smattering of prime lenses and some artsy specialty lenses. I bring a slew of lighting equipment with me as well. I’m prepared for whatever, whenever.


Do you bring backup gear?

Quite literally, I have backups for my backups. I’m not a hoarder though—promise.


Do you travel for weddings?

Indeed! I love it. I travel wherever, whenever, so let’s chat about your destination wedding or elopement!


Who are you?

Learn more about how many nights I’ve slept under the stars and about my puppy Everett by visiting the About page.


What’s required to book you and reserve my date?

A signed contract and $1000 deposit towards your collection.


How do we get started?

Click on the little button below and give me details about your celebration. Then, we’ll line up a chat!


I believe that it’s most helpful to field all the Qs in person over drinks and snacks or via video chat for non-Utahns, so please reach out today!