Getting Ready Photos in Black & White

October 10, 2017


Hampton Inn, Springdale, Utah



Julie Thomas

Wedding dress:

Stella York/ L.A. Bridal

Groom's tux:

Men's Wearhouse

These getting ready photos from a wedding in Springdale, Utah, outside of Zion National Park, are presented solely in black & white. Like most of the getting ready photos I deliver, I choose monochrome for several reasons.

Why Black & White Images

There are four main reasons why I choose to deliver the majority of my getting ready photos in black & white. I list these in no particular order of importance. The bride’s makeup is often not fully blended and can look blotchy. She doesn’t want to see it that way and the HMUA person doesn’t either, so there’s no need to.

Next, there is often mixed lighting (cool window light and warm lamp light) that don’t go well together. Also, there is often tons of clutter….everywhere. So monochrome images help illuminate some of the distractions.

Most important, when viewed in chronological order, and the next scene is in color, it creates a Wizard of Oz type of effect, that is, quite frankly, just plain cool.

*I’ll plan on making this post more inclusive in the coming months to showcase myriad black and white getting ready images.

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Wedding Vendor Links:

Day-of coordinator: Kristen Marriott of Switchback Grille
Wedding dress: Stella York/ L.A. Bridal
Groom’s tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Floral design: Bloomers Flowers & Decor
HMUA: Julie Thomas
DJ: Shawn Denevan of Festival Sounds


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