Island in the Sky Sunrise Engagement Session

October 27, 2023

Alison and Alex live chose the beauty of Moab for their Island in the Sky Sunrise Engagement Session. These native New Yorkers love the beauty of the desert, and wanted to capture the majesty of Canyonlands National Park in their photos. 


The Magic of Moab

Moab’s Island in the Sky offers a unique setting for engagement photos, with a vast red rock landscape stretching into the horizon. Alison and Alex, dressed in formal attire, stood out against the rugged beauty of the desert, creating a stunning contrast. The couple’s choice to wear all black added a touch of elegance and formality to the wild, natural landscape, making their sunrise engagement session truly unforgettable.


A Dance at Dawn during a Island in the Sky Sunrise Engagement Session

As the sun broke over the horizon, Alison and Alex shared a little dance, a moment of pure joy and intimacy captured against the serene dawn sky. The early morning light painted the canyons and red rock boulders in warm hues, providing a perfect backdrop for their dance. This moment, set against the sprawling canyons of Island in the Sky, symbolized the beginning of their journey together, a step towards their future.


From Formal to Casual

After the sun had risen, Alison and Alex changed into more casual attire, blending seamlessly with the desert’s natural beauty. The late October shoot allowed for a tiny glimpse of fall foliage, adding a splash of color to the red rock desert. The cloud cover created a dappled light effect, enhancing the beauty of the landscape and adding depth to their photos. Despite the limitations of the trail, the variety of beautiful vistas and angles made their engagement session memorable and captivating.



The Island in the Sky Sunrise Engagement Session was a testament to Alison and Alex’s adventurous spirit and love for each other. The breathtaking landscapes of Moab provided a stunning backdrop for their engagement photos, capturing the essence of their relationship in every frame.


Plan Your Own Adventure

Inspired by Alison and Alex’s Island in the Sky Sunrise Engagement Session? If you’re dreaming of capturing your love story against the backdrop of Moab’s stunning landscapes, I’m here to help make that dream a reality. Contact me to plan your own unforgettable engagement session in the heart of Utah’s natural beauty. For more inspiration, check out additional galleries on my website and let’s create something beautiful together.



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