LGBTQA+ E-Sesh in Big Cottonwood Canyon

September 27, 2022

LGBTQA+ E-Sesh in Big Cottonwood Canyon is not just a title; it’s a celebration of love, nature, and the beautiful journey of a lesbian couple as they embark on a new chapter together. Emily and Kallie both looked radiant in the autumn light surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature.


Capturing Love Among the Pines

Our adventure began at Silver Lake, just outside of Brighton, Utah. As Emily and Kallie walked and posed among the towering pine trees, their love and connection were evident. The serene waters of  the lake, reflecting the grandeur of the peaks, added a surreal quality to their photos.


Golden Hour and the Call of Autumn

As we moved to a higher elevation, the fall leaves became even more vivid. The golden grasses of Gardens Pass and the aspens turning yellow painted a perfect autumnal scene. Shooting through the sunset allowed me to capture the warmth and softness of the evening light, accentuating Emily and Kallie’s features and their affection for each other. It was as if the setting sun celebrated their love, casting a golden glow that enveloped them.


Embracing the Fall Splendor in a LGBTQA+ E-Sesh in Big Cottonwood Canyon

The session happened in the midst the full glory of fall, with aspens fully turned, showcasing the vibrant colors of the season. Emily and Kallie’s connection, set against the rich tapestry of autumn hues, created a series of images that are not only visually stunning but also deeply emotional. These moments, frozen in time, tell a story of love, commitment, and the beauty of embracing one’s true self in the company of nature.



This LGBTQA+ E-Sesh in Big Cottonwood Canyon was more than an engagement session; it was a celebration of love, equality, and the breathtaking beauty of Utah’s landscapes. Through the lens, I captured the essence of Emily and Kallie’s journey, their intimate moments, against the majestic backdrop that nature provided.


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