Millcreek Inn Wedding in Summer

June 26, 2022

Marika and Mike’s Millcreek Inn wedding in summer showed off the stunning Utah mountains in Salt Lake City. The couple didn’t have a specific theme or color palette, instead opting for a carefree and fun atmosphere that allowed the beautiful location to shine. The overall mood of the day was one of joy and celebration. 



Ceremony/Reception Location: Millcreek Inn 
Flower Designer: Something Borrowed Blooms 
HMUA: Maggie’s Hair and Bridal – Magdelena Langdon 
Officiant: Eric Yettri (friend of the couple)
Music/Entertainment: Silver Tie Sounds Eric Orlando
Caterer: Milcreek Inn
Cake/Desserts: Sweet Hazel & Co, Sheer Ambrosia Bakery 
Bride’s Dress Shop: Avery Austin
Additional Vendors: Nathan Jewelers
We asked the couple to share some of their memories from their beautiful wedding day. 


Why did you decide to get married at Millcreek Inn?

We wanted to show off the awesome Utah mountains we live next to.


What was your favorite moment of your Millcreek Inn summer wedding?

Marika’s fave = walking down the aisle and making eye contact with Mike for the first time. That moment will live in my heart forever!

Mike’s fave = the moment when everyone danced for me in a flash mob.


Describe the overall mood or theme (ex: classic, color palette, modern, boho)

Carefree and fun! We didn’t really have a theme or colors – we mostly just let the beautiful location do the hard work.


What were the highlights of your ceremony?

Our vows <3 

Specifically, the fact that both of us made the other laugh so hard that we started tearing up.

What were the highlights of your reception?

The dancing! So much fun and everyone still talks about how great the Greek line dancing was.


Were any ethnic, religious, cultural, or family traditions included in your day?

We use the traditional Greek wedding crown (Stefania) ceremony and sort of combine that with a non-traditional sand ceremony. It was a bit of everything and it was perfect.


Any planning or wedding-day advice for future couples?

Don’t stress about the details. Going with the default option is totally fine. Nobody will notice or care. Focus your time and attention on what really means the most to YOU. Nobody will remember the color of your napkins or bridesmaid dresses – but you will always remember your vows and the special moments with your new spouse.


How was the overall experience of your planning? Also, the highs and lows?

We generally took the easy way out on most things – no wedding parties (groomsmen or bridesmaids), no real cohesive theme, and no dress code or vision we were trying to push. We focused on what mattered most – our vows, the ceremony itself, dancing, and the open bar 🙂 

Highs = the blind wine tasting we hosted at our house with all our local friends! 

Lows = having to coordinate all the parental units who were coming out of state.


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Marika and Mike’s summer wedding at Millcreek Inn was a true reflection of their playful and carefree spirits. They let the stunning location set the perfect ambiance for their celebration, resulting in a day filled with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.




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