Mountain Biking Engagement on Bonneville Shoreline Trail

May 13, 2022

James and Emma’s engagement session wasn’t your typical photo shoot. We hit the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for a mountain biking adventure that really captures their spirit as a couple. The fact that James is an incredible photographer himself made it even more special that they chose me to document this important time in their lives. We got on the the trail in the early afternoon, with the Salt Lake City skyline below us and their dog Eddie leading the way.


Action and Adventure

This session was all about capturing this couple doing something they love. We got plenty of shots of James and Emma biking along the trail and making their way up to the summit. These weren’t just any photos; they were action shots that really showed them in their element, plus some cute posed ones at the top. After biking, they switched into something a bit more formal but still fitting for the outdoor setting. They had a picnic at the peak, enjoying a beautiful sunset over Salt Lake City.


The Beauty of May for a Mountain Biking Engagement on Bonneville Shoreline Trail

May on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail means yellow flowers everywhere, lush green hills, and still some snow on the mountain peaks. It’s a stunning backdrop for any photo, but especially for an engagement session that’s all about celebrating love and shared passions. We made sure to capture the vibrant colors of the trail and the contrast of the city below.


Through the Last Light

James and Emma love the look of photos taken during the blue hour, when colors get really deep and dreamy. We stayed through the last light to get shots of them with the city lights of Salt Lake City starting to twinkle below and a full moon rising over the mountain foothills. These photos have a warm, saturated look that really brings out the romance of the moment.



This mountain biking engagement on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail was a perfect reflection of James and Emma’s adventurous spirits. From action shots on the trail to romantic moments at sunset and fun pics with their beloved dog, every photo tells a part of their story.


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