Park City Snowboarding Senior Portraits

February 13, 2024

A unique twist on senior portraits, for Savvy’s Park City snowboarding senior portraits, she chose the snowy slopes of Park City, Utah, showcasing her passion for snowboarding.

Unlike the traditional senior photos, Savvy wanted her session to reflect her personality and the sport she loves. The breathtaking winter landscape of Park City Mountain Ski Resort, with its deep powder, bluebird skies, and snow-dusted trees, provided the perfect setting for this memorable session.

Capturing Park City Snowboarding Senior Portraits

Our day began with the first chairlift at Silver Star, taking advantage of the pristine morning light that Park City is famed for. Savvy’s ease and confidence on her snowboard were evident as we navigated through the resort, from the groomed trails to the untouched powder stashes among the trees. Each photograph, from dynamic action shots to poses with her board, tells the story of a high school senior whose life has been shaped by the slopes.

A Senior Portrait Session with a Unique Focus on Snowboarding

The series of portraits, from the exhilarating rush of snowboarding down Park City’s famous trails to the quiet moments of reflection and joy, encapsulates a pivotal chapter in Savvy’s life. The diversity of the photographs – action-packed shots, tree runs, and casual moments in street clothes – highlights not just Savvy’s passion for snowboarding but also her readiness to embark on the next phase of her life with confidence and style.

Beyond the Snowboard

While the focus was undoubtedly on snowboarding, we also explored other facets of Savvy’s personality. After capturing her in action, we transitioned to lifestyle-oriented portraits, where Savvy’s snowboarding gear was replaced with a simple yet elegant black dress. These images, set against the snow-covered pine trees and the charming wooden architecture of the Silver Star base area, added a different dimension to the session, showcasing Savvy’s versatility and the breadth of her interests.


Savvy’s senior portrait session in Park City was anything but ordinary. It was a celebration of her individuality, her passion for snowboarding, and her transition from high school to the adventures that lie ahead. These portraits will serve as a timeless reminder of her senior year, characterized not by traditional poses, but by the thrill of the slopes and the beauty of the Utah winter.

Ready for Your Unique Senior Portrait Session?

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