Park City Mountain Resort Skiing Proposal

December 19, 2023

A Park City Mountain Resort skiing proposal is the perfect recipe for surprise and delight. Here’s the heartwarming tale of John’s surprise proposal amid the snowy peaks of Park City, Utah. Are you dreaming of a mountain proposal during the holiday season?

First Chair Location Scouting for a PCMR Proposal

When John reached out for assistance in planning an on-mountain skiing proposal, I eagerly helped plan a surprise proposal at Park City Mountain Resort. We faced challenging weather conditions with the couple vacationing from the Midwest during the holidays. Undeterred, I took the first chair up for a location scout, determined to find the perfect spot. Despite the less-than-ideal visibility, I discovered an excellent location just below Red Pine.

Flawless Execution of a Park City Mountain Resort Skiing Proposal

John flawlessly executed the proposal on the big day, much to Kelly’s surprise! From a safe distance, unnoticed to her, I captured the essence of the proposal and the winter wonderland around them. The surprise proposal unfolded seamlessly, and when fellow skiers noticed the romantic scene, cheers filled the air. Kelly was completely taken by surprise, making the moment even more special.

Capturing the Joy of the Surprise

As witnesses to this joyous occasion, we transitioned smoothly from the proposal to capturing beautiful portraits, candid action shots, and a few snaps on the chairlift. Every photograph reflected the moment’s happiness, creating a visual story of their special day.

Planning Your Winter Park City Mountain Resort Proposal

Are you envisioning your own magical mountain proposal? I can help you plan your surprise proposal at various Utah ski resorts, including Park City Mountain Resort. Picture yourself surrounded by the snowy landscape, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


John and Kelly experienced a winter skiing proposal at Park City Mountain Resort that surpassed all expectations. A day filled with surprises, cheers from fellow skiers, and the warmth of love amid the cold mountain air.

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