Salt Flats Bridal Session

June 15, 2022

Shannon and Sadiq’s Bonneville Salt Flats bridal session took place a few days after their wedding in Millcreek. This unique and ancient spot turned out to be the perfect place, as they ventured onto the ancient seabed, bringing the elegance of their wedding attire into the stark beauty of the salt flats.


Unique Backdrop for a Salt Flats Bridal Session

The Salt Flats are known for their vast, flat landscape covered in cracked salt. It’s a place that looks like no other, with mountains in the distance making for a cool backdrop. The couple’s choice to drive their Tesla onto the flats and change into their wedding attire added a modern twist to the session, blending the timeless with the contemporary.


Photos at Golden Hour

Taking photos during the golden hour—right before sunset—meant the lighting was just right. It gave their photos a warm, soft look. They posed in ways that looked straight out of a fashion magazine, standing out against the white salt flats.


Fun and Relaxed Photos during a Salt Flats Bridal Session

Towards the end of the session, they took some more relaxed photos. Shannon wore Sadiq’s jacket, and Sadiq loosened his bow tie. These shots were more casual but still captured the fun they were having. The session ended with some beautiful photos at dusk, with the fading light adding a nice touch.



Shannon and Sadiq’s session at the Salt Flats was a mix of elegance and fun. The photos not only show their style but also the unique beauty of the Salt Flats. These pictures will be a great way for them to remember their wedding and the fun they had during this session.


Capture Your Love Story

Thinking about where to take your own wedding or bridal photos? The Salt Flats could be a great choice, or I can help you find another spot that’s just right for you. Get in touch to talk about your ideas, or take a look at more photo sessions on my website. Let’s make your photo shoot memorable, too.




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