Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session

February 9, 2022

Ben and Sarah’s Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session was a celebration of love and adventure. The couple loves hitting the slopes and the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon provided a stunning backdrop. It was a day filled with fun, laughter, and lots of time on the hill. 


Tailgating and Smirnoff Ice Pranks Before the Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session

The day kicked off with Ben and Sarah indulging in one of their favorite pre-ski activities: tailgating on their Tesla. Surrounded by the picturesque Wasatch Mountains, the couple shared beers and laughter, setting the scene for their unique Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session. A playful prank added to the fun, with Sarah sneaking a Smirnoff Ice into Ben’s boot, obliging him to chug it down – not the tastiest start to the morning, but certainly a memorable one!


What is a Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session like?

After the laughter-filled tailgate, the adventure ascended to the summit of Snowbird. Riding the tram, Ben and Sarah reached the top, ready to ski the famed Mineral Basin. The session captured them admiring the Book Cliffs in the distance, a view only Snowbird can offer. As they skied down the run, panoramic views enveloped them, providing a stunning backdrop for their Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session.


Candid Moments and Panoramic Vistas While Skiing at Snowbird

The couple’s journey continued up the Baldy lift, where the top offered a vista straddling Alta, Utah, and Snowbird. It was here that candid moments intertwined with posed photos, all set against the dramatic backdrop of Mount Timpanogos and the Wasatch Mountains. The late morning golden light added a magical touch to the images, highlighting the couple’s joy and the grandeur of Snowbird.


A Skiing Engagement Session is an Authentic Representation of Love

This Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session was more than just a photo shoot; it was a celebration of Ben and Sarah’s shared passions and a reflection of their genuine selves. The day was about capturing their essence as a couple, doing what they love in a place that resonates with their adventurous spirits. It’s these authentic moments that create lasting memories, far beyond the typical field-at-sunset photos.



The Snowbird Skiing Engagement Session with Ben and Sarah was a symphony of love, laughter, and stunning landscapes. From the playful tailgate moments to the breathtaking vistas at the summit, every image tells a story of a couple deeply in love and enjoying adventures. 


Ready for Your Own Adventure?

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