Snowbird Summit Bridal Session

September 6, 2023

Kathy and Randen chose a magnificent backdrop for their Snowbird Summit Bridal Session, which took place before their official wedding day. Their decision to share a first look in a tram car, suspended high above Snowbird, introduced a dramatic and beautiful element to the start of their journey together.


A Distinctive First Look

The couple’s first look was far from ordinary. It happened suspended above the ground during the tram ride to Snowbird Summit. While the setting was a public space, the fact the car was empty except for the three of us provided a special intimacy.  This choice provided a stunning and memorable backdrop.


Breathtaking Scenery at Every Step for a Snowbird Summit Bridal Session

The Snowbird Summit offered endless breathtaking views, from the Mineral Basin to the Book Cliffs. Each location we visited provided a splendid canvas for capturing the couple’s love and the natural beauty surrounding them. Whether on the tram deck, at the summit, or along the trails, the backdrop of Little Cottonwood Canyon and the distant Salt Lake City skyline added to the magic of their session.


Embracing the Moment

Opting for a bridal session separate from their wedding day allowed Kathy and Randen to explore and capture moments in extraordinary settings. This decision freed them from the constraints of the wedding day timeline and allowed them to enjoy the serene beauty of Snowbird Summit. The warm, hazy September light only added to the romantic and tranquil atmosphere of their session.



Kathy and Randen’s bridal session was not just about capturing photos; it was an adventure that celebrated their love against the awe-inspiring landscapes of Snowbird Summit. The session beautifully illustrated their connection and the majestic setting in which it was captured.


Ready for Your Own Adventure?

If Kathy and Randen’s Snowbird Summit session has inspired you, I’d love to help capture your unique love story in a breathtaking setting. Reach out to plan your session, and visit my website to explore more galleries and envision what we can create together.




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