Snowbird Summer Proposal

August 6, 2023

Picture a Snowbird summer proposal set against the unrivaled beauty of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City. See Patrick’s surprise proposal at the summit of Snowbird Ski Resort.

Choosing a Snowbird Summer Proposal for Perfection

I collaborated with Patrick to craft a surprise proposal for his girlfriend Laura. Despite living in Salt Lake City, Patrick sought to create a memory that would last a lifetime. The chosen location—the summit at Snowbird Ski Resort, boasting breathtaking beauty unparalleled in the Wasatch Mountains.

Planning for a Surprise Proposal

To ensure perfection, Patrick and I meticulously planned every detail. As the couple ascended the Tram, I was already at the summit, armed with sample images, a video showcasing the topography, and an exact pin. Patrick flawlessly executed the proposal, capturing the essence of the lush, green mountains in the summer.

Snowbird Summit is a View Like No Other

In the summer, the surrounding mountains come alive with rich, green hues. The view from the summit, overlooking the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City, is truly one of a kind—a backdrop that added magic to this special moment.

Capturing the Beauty of the Moment and Helping Give Advice

After the proposal, we seized the opportunity to capture the beauty with portraits at the top, looking down into Mineral Basin and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Venturing down the trail, we explored for more amazing views before catching the last tram down. As part of the planning, I provided Patrick with suggestions for a celebratory dinner at the Aerie at Cliff Lodge—a perfect way to cap off the day.

Planning Your Snowbird Summer Proposal

Dreaming of your own summer surprise proposal? I can assist you in planning at Snowbird or various other beautiful locations around Salt Lake City and Utah. Let’s make your dream summer proposal a reality.


In the lush greenery of summer at Snowbird Ski Resort, Patrick and Laura’s love story reached new heights. A meticulously planned proposal, breathtaking surroundings, and a celebration at the Aerie—a day etched in their hearts forever.


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