Snowbird Summit Proposal

October 2, 2023

Imagine a surprise Snowbird Summit Proposal set against the breathtaking beauty of the Wasatch Mountains in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Join us as we unveil the story of Ben’s planned proposal at the summit of Snowbird Ski Resort.

Choosing the Perfect Location for a Snowbird Summit Proposal

I collaborated with Ben to orchestrate a surprise proposal as he and his girlfriend traveled from Texas to their summer condo in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The choice was clear—the summit at Snowbird Ski Resort. Its unrivaled beauty in the Wasatch Mountains made it the perfect backdrop for this memorable moment.

Meticulous Planning Required for a Surprise Proposal

To ensure perfection, Ben and I meticulously planned every detail. The fall season at Snowbird, with upper peaks dusted in snow and golden aspens below, added a touch of magic. Ben was well-prepared to execute the proposal beautifully using sample images, a video showcasing the topography, and an exact pin that I sent him.

The Picture-Perfect Moment at Snowbird

As the couple ascended the Tram, I awaited at the summit. Ben, armed with the knowledge of the perfect spot, popped the question. Tiffany was completely surprised, surrounded by the stunning landscape—a moment frozen in time.

Capturing the Euphoria and Photos Afterwards

After the proposal, we seized the opportunity to capture the euphoria with portraits against the picturesque backdrop. Time was of the essence, rushing to catch the last tram down from the summit. As part of the planning, I provided Ben with suggestions for a celebratory dinner, ensuring the perfect end to this joyous day.

Planning Your Snowbird Summit Proposal

Dreaming of your own mountain proposal? I can assist you in planning a surprise proposal at Snowbird or numerous other beautiful locations around Salt Lake City and Utah. Let’s make your dream proposal a reality.


In the golden hues of fall at Snowbird Ski Resort, Ben and Tiffany’s love story reached new heights. A meticulously planned proposal, breathtaking surroundings, and a celebration to follow—a day etched in their hearts forever.

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