Snowy Snowbird Cliff Lodge Wedding

October 28, 2023

Jace and Drew’s Snowy Snowbird Cliff Lodge Wedding was a celebration of love, family, and the beauty of the changing seasons. The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, with its breathtaking views and cozy atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate and heartwarming event.


Ceremony Location – Snowbird (The Cliff Lodge, Primrose B)
Reception Location – Snowbird (The Cliff Lodge, Eagle’s Nest and Golden Cliff))
Planner – Hannah Azar 
Flower Designer – Courtney Brown (Sister in law) 
Officiant – Bryson Brown
Music/Entertainment – DJ Matty Mo
Rentals – Black Tux
Caterer – Snowbird
Cake/Desserts – Snowbird
Paper/Calligraphy – J-Mart, located in Spanish Fork
Invitations – J-Mart, located in Spanish Fork
Dress Designer – Cynise Cheri
Groom’s Suit – Black Tux 

We asked the couple to share some of their memories from their beautiful wedding day. 


Why did you decide to get married at Snowbird?

Jace grew up visiting Snowbird every summer because his family holds a recurring timeshare at the Iron Blosam during the 28th week of the year. When I (Drew) became part of the picture, Snowbird marked the first time I met Jace’s entire family, making it a place that became special to both of us. It also served as the backdrop for many formative moments in our relationship, creating a significant part of our shared memories. Choosing Snowbird for our special moments felt like a natural decision; we didn’t have to consider any other place! We wanted to continue the legacy initiated by Jace’s Grandpa Ray and Grandma Jo, who held the original timeshare from the inception of Snowbird.


What was your favorite moment of your Snowy Snowbird Cliff Lodge Wedding?

Drew: One of my favorite moments was sharing our vows privately, just the two of us, with Austen discreetly capturing the moments through pictures. It felt incredibly special and unique to our bond. I found myself overcome with emotion, shedding tears of joy and feeling an overwhelming love for Jace, especially as he expressed his heart in his vows.

Jace: Currently, he’s peacefully napping on the couch with our dog. From his perspective, I believe the highlight was the presence of our loved ones and their support. Experiencing the strong backing for our marriage was profound, and merging our families for the first time was truly magical. I think he also cherished the moments of capturing sunset pictures on the roof!


Describe the overall mood or theme (ex: classic, color palette, modern, boho)

The overall theme/mood was just “fall”, maybe “fall in the high desert / the mountains”. We had a very autumn-esque type of color palette (think yellow, goldenrod, orange, marigold, burgundy, several types of brown, navy blue, forest green, etc).

We also had touches of desert, mountains, and even fall holidays (a bit of Dia de Los Muertos sprinkled in with an ofrenda at the wedding, and some slight Halloween colors/nods here and there).

Beyond that, additional themes were just … I suppose “core memories”, “connection” … and “books” haha. We wanted it to be on the smaller side, more intimate, and more relational / family and close friends-focused. The location was special to us, and the guest list was very family-centric with a smattering of close/beloved friends.


What were the highlights of your Snowy Snowbird Cliff Lodge Wedding?

The highlights had to be just the outpouring of love throughout the ceremony. The flower girls and ring bearers were pretty darn cute, too. I loved hearing my brother-in-law, Bryson, tell our story, and I loved being able to look out at our guests and seeing so many people who just love us and support us. Jace agrees with all of the above!


What were the highlights of your reception?

Oh gosh, too many to count. The food was wonderful, the speeches were lovely, the moments/memories being made. I (Drew) was cracking up during our cake-cutting because we just had to wing it and didn’t know how to cut only the 3rd layer of a 3-tier cake. Our DJ was fantastic, so the energy was great. I loved the glow sticks, and the funny moments on the dance floor (think kids cycling on the ground, grandma getting down, normally reserved people really cutting loose, etc). It made our hearts so full. We also loved the little side moments of friends/family members having short convos interspersed with us, and the love they communicated in those moments. It was truly so special.


Were any ethnic, religious, cultural, or family traditions included in your day?

Yes! Drew’s family is Mexican, so we did include an ofrenda as it was so close to Dia de Los Muertos. We also had several significant passings in our families this last year (2023), so it was also quite bittersweet to recognize/celebrate. Apart from that, Jace is a voracious reader, so the decorations were very book-themed (every table was named after a book we mutually love, we had pages splayed on each surface, there was a typewriter belonging to Jace near the guest sign-in, etc). Also, just the location of Snowbird, which is a Brown family tradition for gathering!


Any planning or wedding-day advice for future couples?

Jace says: Delegate, delegate, delegate. And remember, the day is about meeting your needs / celebrating you as a couple, not about meeting the needs of those attending.

Drew: Be aware of how much unsolicited advice you will get (lol). Also, stay true to yourself as a couple and make sure you get to do your vision of the day (as much as possible). It’s going to feel overwhelming (it is, haha), but just stick to your vision, knock out the big stuff (venue, vendors, budget, etc) early, and give yourself enough time to complete the smaller tasks afterward.

And if possible … pick a wedding party that you don’t just love, but will also have your back / manage the fires that pop up on the wedding day. I can’t express how amazing it was for the things that needed managing and I just knew our people would “handle it” without even needing to be asked. They helped make our day so smooth and celebrate us so well.


How was the overall experience of your planning? Also, the highs and lows?

The overall experience was pretty linear! Drew has planned some big events, so he took on probably the majority of managing details and lining up the trajectory of the event.

However, Jace is very involved as well, so we both met with each vendor together and did the site tastings, emails, budget decisions, etc together. I (Drew) tried to never make a big decision without at least running it by Jace, and that model seemed to work best for us.

We also had a lot of knowledgeable people in our corner (our moms, our sisters-in-law, our good friends Tanner and Ashley, etc) which helped a lot.

The highs were getting great wedding (and life) advice from people we love and who love us, and also nabbing our first choice in venue, photographer, and DJ. How lucky are we?

The lows were probably just detail management at the end – there was some confusion on who was owning what regarding some back-end operational decisions and details at the actual venue, so we ended up duplicating a lot of work and having to circle back on some details that we thought we had previously locked down. Our families are great though, and had our backs regardless so it all worked out in the end.


Read Their 5-Star Wedding Photography Review: 

We were working with a wedding site and their list of Preferred Vendors, and Austen came highly rated. We also immediately noticed he has an inclusive repertoire (he does weddings for all types of couples, which was important to us as a queer couple), and we were so fortunate he happened to have our date open (as he is very highly sought!).

From the jump, Austen was communicative, curious, and kind – he asked all sorts of great questions about our vision for the wedding, really tried to set clear expectations, and was very transparent about his services, costs, needs, etc. as a photographer. It’s also very clear that he is a master of his craft – as a fellow creative, it was clear to me that his process is meticulous, lovingly crafted, and executed with both precision and inspiration.

Austen’s services are worth every penny, as even before the wedding Austen was in email communication with us providing example timelines of what a wedding day could look like, and prompted us with a thorough questionnaire of how to help us think through scripting our big day. As someone who has never planned a wedding, this was WILDLY helpful because it took out a ton of guess work for us, and helped us cover a lot of bases we may have otherwise forgotten about.

Once we got to the week of the wedding, we opted to do a 2nd shoot outside of the wedding day to capture some moments / pictures in full wedding attire without the hustle and bustle of the day. This was SO fun, as we got to know Austen just as a couple, and had our first look by ourselves. Highly recommend doing this, as this is also a cool collaborative approach to capturing some sweet memories.

As you would expect, come the wedding day Austen was fabulous. He was super fun to have around to capture a lot of expected (and unexpected) sweet moments, and was just super easy to be around with our families and friends. He provided direction where needed, but also just blended into the background for the most part to capture the day and observe the activities.

His wife, Kylie, was also lovely to work with, and they just made the day feel more official, more exciting, and more magical than we could have ever expected. Even the family portraits and planned activities were a blast, so I only have positive things to say.

15/10 would recommend Austen Diamond Photography. A world class service and human, for sure!” –Drew



Jace and Drew’s Snowy Snowbird Cliff Lodge Wedding was a testament to their love, the support of their families and friends, and their shared history at Snowbird. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and memories that will be cherished for years to come.


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