Your personalized experience starts now

Tell me everything—all of it. From here, I'll create a unique and customized photography journey for you, and I'll honor your story with authentic, creative, and playful images. I want to be the experienced professional you trust with these most special memories. I'm here for you as a friend, an advocate, and a documentarian.

It continues at your celebration of love

From the intimate to the epic, I will be fully present for you at your wedding. I will work tirelessly to balance capturing emotional and candid photos with crafting portraits that honor who you are together and as individuals. I promise you and your loved ones will feel relaxed and have fun during the process.

And your story becomes pieces of fine art

I'm passionate about fine art albums and museum-quality prints; my job isn't done until you receive them. You will be blown away—I know it. Looking through your album over the years will bring back all the feels as you remember your family and friends, the love and emotion, and all of the details that made your day unlike any other.

But first, let's grab a drink (or snack)

It’s important to me that we meet over a video chat to get a sense of our connection and to ensure it’s a perfect match. I want you to have no doubt that I am the one to document such a special day. Plus, it’ll be fun. Think less business meeting, more first date, minus the awkwardness. We’ll review my wedding collections then, and you can ask me anything.

We click and you want to work together ... awesome! Here's what happens next.

Your story is the most important thing

that's why I listen so intently

No two couples are the same, so why would I photograph weddings like they were? I will make sure to tell YOUR story by hearing who you are and how you want to remember the day!


I believe it’s the authentic, candid moments—the ones filled with raw and real emotion—that are what will pull you back into your day when you look at your prints in 10, 20, 40 years. So unless directed otherwise, this photojournalistic style is my priority. Also, I want to create portraits that honor who you are as a couple and as individuals. I’ll do this by pulling you aside for a few minutes periodically to take advantage of changing light and to work out some creative ideas, all without distracting you from the best party of your life. Plus, you’ll enjoy the little bit of alone time you get with your new spouse.

I am a storyteller. Like a director of a movie, I’m thinking of moving you through the whole sweeping thing as you turn the pages of your album. From creating a sense of place, introducing the protagonists, showcasing details, transitioning between scenes, and pacing between intimate moments and high-energy moments, I’m committed to this.



Receiving your photos

You’ll receive your wedding story within eight weeks during peak wedding season. All collections include high-resolution digital files of the hand-selected, edited images (approximately 75 per hour) with a print release. Your customized online gallery is available for 12 months after your wedding and includes an integrated print shop.


The print shop

I believe in the power of tangible mementos and art heirlooms, so I’ve made it incredibly simple to invest in prints.

Within your online gallery, I offer beautiful standard-sized matte and lustre prints and canvases. I oversee each order, and ship direct to you.


The Culmination of the Experience

investing in your life

Fine Art Albums

Your visual legacy, a museum-quality family heirloom & a fine art masterpiece

The most beautiful way to appreciate your love story, my fine art albums are printed on museum-quality paper with archival ink for prints that are rich and brilliant. I design each fine art album with your input to tell your story the way it should be told. Each album is guaranteed to last more than 100 years, ensuring that it becomes a family heirloom, not just the centerpiece of your coffee table. The seamless spreads will never cause discoloration down the center, and they lay flat so the photos take center stage. And you’ll have a number of cover options to choose, from fine linen to leather. The fine art album truly is a masterpiece.

What My Clients Say

about their experience

Why They Choose Me


Margaux M.

“Personalized, is one word that sums up my experience with Austen Diamond Photography. Before we even signed a contract, Austen took time to get to know us. It is evident that Austen cared about us more than as clients. He checked in with me emotionally and he gave me space when I needed it. Austen is fluent in body language, and he captures emotions with finesse.”

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Why They Choose Me


Bennet G.

“Booking Austen was one of the best decisions my wife and I made while planning our wedding. He was fun and professional throughout the planning, the engagement photos (which we highly recommend), the wedding itself, and the follow-up. He worked with us at our pace, to make sure that we got what we wanted, and 100% delivered. And the photos blew us away. They’re just breathtaking. We cannot imagine our wedding without him, and we now consider him a real friend.”

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Why They Choose Me


Erika W.

“Austen is a master. He listens to your story and even hears what you didn’t say with words. Then he incorporates that insight into his work to create truly personal images. We thoroughly enjoyed his company on our big day. Today, I saw the photos for the first time and cried tears of joy. He captured the love, bond, and joy between our family members and friends in a way I didn’t know was possible. He also captured the “feel” of our relaxed backyard wedding so well that the happy memories came flooding back to me…and I cried.”

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Would You Like Peace of Mind?

When we work together, you'll know that the memories from your most special day are in good hands. So let's get the conversation going.