Winter Engagement Session in Park City

March 2, 2023

Lisa and Cole’s winter engagement session in Park City was nothing short of enchanting. We started at one of their favorite local establishments before hitting the town and exploring the surrounding mountains. Every photo reflected their shared interests and their love of the town and mountains.


Cozy Beginnings for a Winter Engagement Session in Park City

Our adventure began at Park City Brewing, where Lisa and Cole shared intimate moments and toasted their future. The brewery’s warm ambiance, paired with the icicles outside the window, perfectly encapsulated the essence of their relationship: cozy, comfortable, and full of joy. These moments set the tone for a day filled with love and laughter.

Exploring Historic Main Street

As we ventured to historic Main Street and the iconic bridge connecting to Park City Mountain Resort, the couple’s connection to Park City’s charm became evident. Walking hand in hand, sharing kisses, and embracing each other against the backdrop of snow-covered streets and twinkling lights, Lisa and Cole’s engagement session highlighted the town’s vibrant architecture and the couple’s adventurous spirit.


Sunset Views and Playful Moments during the Winter Engagement Session in Park City

The culmination of Lisa and Cole’s engagement session was nothing short of spectacular. We drove up the mountain to capture the panoramic views of Park City and the ski slopes, with the setting sun painting the sky in hues of pink and orange. The couple’s playful poses, from piggyback rides to intimate embraces, against the backdrop of the town’s evening lights created a series of images that are as heartwarming as they are breathtaking.



Lisa and Cole’s winter engagement session in Park City was a beautiful journey through many of the unique locations that make this town important to them.  Each moment shared by the couple showcased their love and the magical setting of Park City in winter.


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