Winter Ski Engagements at Snowbird Resort

March 6, 2022

Nick and Em’s Winter Ski Engagement at Snowbird Resort was a thrilling blend of love, adventure, and stunning landscapes. As avid skiers who have traveled extensively for ski trips, Snowbird was the perfect location for their photos. With Em on her snowbird and Nick on his skis, we took some amazing action shots, along with some romantic photos as well.


A Scenic Adventure for Winter Ski Engagements at Snowbird Resort

Our session began with a tram ride to Snowbird’s summit, capturing the couple in their element—goggles on, helmets secured, against the breathtaking backdrop of Mineral Basin. Snowbird, nestled in Little Cottonwood Canyon, offers some of the most picturesque views in the Wasatch Mountains, and it didn’t disappoint.

As we skied down to Mineral Basin, Em and Nick’s excitement was e palpable. Taking the Baldy chairlift up, we found perfect spots for photos with the Wasatch Mountains  in the background. The contrast of their colorful ski attire against the pristine white snow and the rugged mountains created visually striking images that captured the essence of their love for each other and for the sport.


Through the Trees and Down the Slopes

Nick and Em, skiing and snowboarding side by side, embodied the spirit of partnership and shared passion. As they carved their way through the trees and down Chip’s Run, with the Peruvian Basin chairlift overhead, their joy and love were evident in every turn. There were also embraces on the snowy summit, tender moments shared on chairlift rides, and affectionate gestures amidst the grandeur of the mountains. These moments, shared amidst the serene beauty of Snowbird’s slopes, were more than just photos—they were memories being etched into the landscape of their relationship.



Nick and Em’s ski engagement session at Snowbird Resort perfectly blended their love story with their enthusiasm for winter sports. Set against the captivating Utah winter scenery, this shoot highlighted their shared love for skiing and snowboarding. The majestic setting of Snowbird added an unforgettable backdrop, resulting in beautiful photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.


Let’s Capture Your Adventure

Inspired by Nick and Em’s snowy engagement? Whether you’re skiers, snowboarders, or simply lovers of winter landscapes, let’s create a session that captures your unique story. Contact me to plan your engagement session and make your own unforgettable memories against the backdrop of Utah’s beautiful mountains.




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