Red Butte Garden in Winter

January 30, 2018

Red Butte Garden is beautiful in all of the seasons. Julia, my partner, and I have long-time members, and Julia herself is a gardener, so we walk the paths regularly. I guess I probably know more about plants than most non-gardeners—just trying to suck up all the wonderful information life throws at me, ya know?

Anywho, Mel & Drew held their winter wedding in The Orangerie, where it’s always green. But even stepping outside after a first look and finding little flourishes of color in the winter was fun. Mel was set on Red Butte Garden as her wedding venue, yet with a short engagement, the only time available was Friday morning. And it worked out so well! Brunch after a wedding is pretty stellar, I must say.

The wedding reception continued onward at Millcreek Inn, which was covered in Christmas lights and warmly full of holiday cheer. The led lights of the tents for the dinner, toasts, and dancing made it feel intimate and ideal for Mel and Drew.

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