Zion National Park Wedding Info & Costs

July 17, 2023

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful spots in the state of Utah and a wonderful place for a wedding or elopement. The park has more than 2,000 square miles of canyons, peaks, red rock formations, rivers, and waterfalls, so you will surely find a perfect place to say your vows.  

We’ve compiled essential Zion National Park wedding info and costs below.

Zion National Park Wedding Info

Zion National Park holds a special and sacred place in the hearts of desert lovers, which is why many couples want to hold their weddings here. The park tries to accommodate as many of them as possible while not disrupting the experiences of the millions of people who flock to the site every year to see the magnificent rock formations, ancient petroglyphs, and amazing wildlife that call the park home. The National Park Service has set aside several designated areas for weddings, including several scenic spots near some of the park’s most beloved attractions. 

Zion National Park allows weddings year-round. 

Wedding Ceremony Sites

Zion National Park has six designated areas for weddings. 

  • Temple of Sinawava: This riverside spot has views of a nearby waterfall as well as the surrounding peaks. It is also surrounded by mature trees and has grass underfoot. 
  • Menu Falls: The smallest of the sites, this spot is accessible via a short hike. Your ceremony will take place on a wooden patio overlooking the falls behind you and the creek below, with the sound of rushing water all around. 
  • Zion Lodge Lawn: This lush lawn is canopied by mature oak trees that keep the area cool. You will have views of the canyon walls as well the lodge. If you are lucky the resident herd of deer may choose to attend your vows.
  • Nature Center North Lawn: This lovely spot (available November through mid-April) is a flat grassy patch with views of the mountains in the distance. 
  • South Campground Amphitheater: The largest of the ceremony sites this red rock theater is a favorite because seating is already provided by the wooden benches. There is a small stage at the front that can be decorated, and views of the surrounding canyon.
  • Timber Creek Overlook: The only site in the Kolob Canyon Area this stunning site is one of the most breathtaking. Large red rock cliffs loom in the distance and there is nothing overhead to obscure the bright blue sky. 

Wedding Reception Site

While Zion National Park is great for ceremonies, it isn’t perfect for receptions. You cannot do food service, so a picnic is as fancy as you can get. However, if the park is the big draw, you can try to snag some picnic tables to set up light snacks and drinks. Also, be aware that the park does not stop other visitors from entering the area where your celebration is taking place, and you must not try to stop them. 

Bridal Suite/ Getting Ready Rooms

You will want to get ready off-site. 

Other unique amenities

Zion National Park has been a special and sacred space for thousands of years. It is unparalleled in beauty and unique natural features. Also? Your photos will be amazing. 

What is the capacity?

Capacity varies depending on the site chosen. 

  • Temple of Sinawava: No more than 35 guests. 
  • Menu Falls: No more than 10 guests. 
  • Zion Lodge Lawn: No more than 75 guests. 
  • Nature Center North Lawn: No more than 50 guests. 
  • South Campground Amphitheater: No more than 100 guests.
  • Timber Creek Overlook: No more than 20 guests. 

Where is the location?

Zion National Park is located 30 minutes outside of St. George, Utah, and roughly five hours from the Salt Lake International Airport. 

How many weddings are hosted on-site each day?

There not only may be another wedding on the same day, but you may have to contend with tourists. 

Are there any time or noise restrictions?

Zion National Park is open 24 hours a day. 

Is this venue ADA-accessible?

All of the venues are ADA-accessible with the exception of Menu Falls. 

What is the pet policy?

Pets are not allowed outside of campground areas and must be on leashes at all times. 

Zion National Park Wedding Cost

A special use permit is required for all weddings and the permit application fee is $100. 

Wedding Catering and Lodging 

What are the catering options?

You can use any caterer you want, but you cannot set up food service. 

What are the included decor options and restrictions?

All decorations must be approved. You cannot make any physical changes to the park. No birdseed, petals, or rice may be thrown. No erecting of banners or signs. No flowers or plants that include seed pods either fresh or dried. 

What are the lodging (on-site or nearby) options?

There are lots of nearby lodging options near Zion including the Zion Ponderosa Ranch, Under Canvas Zion, and camping sites. It all depends on what you want. 

Is there an in-house wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

It’s all up to you! 

What are some nearby attractions?

Zion National Park is the attraction. There are thousands of miles of hiking trails to magnificent (and some terrifying) peaks, waterfalls, petroglyphs, arches, and caves. Once you have been to Zion it is a part of your soul.  

Zion National Park Contact Info

Wedding Contact

For more information, please contact the venue using this link

Physical Address

Zion National Park 

1 Zion Park Blvd., State Route 9

Springdale, UT 84767

37°18′N 113°00′W / 37.300°N 113.000°W

Zion National Park 

Why you should get married at Zion National Park

A wedding in Zion National Park is anything but ordinary. You are saying your vows in an ancient landscape that has been considered holy ground by millions of people. While the park service doesn’t make it easy to have a wedding here, for those who love this place they wouldn’t think of saying their vows anywhere else. 

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